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Baptisia australis - Blue Wild Indigo

 Sun Exposure: Sun, Part Sun

Soil Moisture: Medium-Wet, Medium, Medium-Dry

Soil Type: Sand-Loam, Loam, Loam-Clay

Height: 3-4 feet

Spread: 2-3 feet

Blooms: May, June, July

Root: Taproot

Habitat: Rocky Open Woodlands, Gravel Prairies, Rocky banks of rivers.

Landscape uses: Pollinator gardens, Meadow plantings, 

Complimentary plants: Butterfly Milkweed, Golden Alexanders, Foxglove Beardtongue

Wildlife Value: Queen bumblebees are the primary pollinators of the flowers, where they feed on nectar primarily. Host Plant: Wild Indigo Duskywing Skipper,  Orange Sulphur Butterfly, Frosted Elfin Butterfly (extirpated)

Seed Origin: Garden cultivated seed

Germination Code: C10

Baptisia australis - Blue Wild Indigo

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