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Hi, Im Carrington! 

My business eARTh Revival co-creates with nature by growing native plants that help our ecosystem thrive. It's time to regenerate our outdoor spaces, and native plants are the solution! We aim to help gardeners and plant enthusiasts who want to beautify their space by contributing to wildlife habitat and by participating in biodiversity restoration and responsible land care.

We are a small native plant nursery in South Georgian Bay, offering herbaceous native plants such as wildflowers and grasses. We are a creator of art made with earth materials and our ecosystems connectivity in mind. And we are a community member aspiring to bring land care and stewardship practices to our ever expanding group of conscious co-creators.  


Ironically, our business start up in 2021 aligns with the UN Decade of Ecosystems Restoration 2021-2030. In the next decade, I wish to work towards helping people understand proper land care practices, plant/insect benefits and relationships to the lands we live on - and I hope to inspire you to come on this journey with me! This next step in human evolution is crucial, the end of this decade is the deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals and the timeline scientists have identified as the last chance to prevent catastrophic climate change. We will only succeed if everyone plays a part!

We are aiming to bring awareness to the reciprocal relationships humans have with nature and provide a means to cultivate those relationships. Gardens are a form of art and a form of reciprocity with the earth, a win for our shared landscapes! Gardens and plants are an accessible form of wildlife conservation that we can all participate in - lets get planting! 

Carr planting.jpeg
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