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Canopy Collingwood

Canopy Collingwood is a community forest project aimed at increasing the Town's urban tree canopy and pollinator habitat on private lands. This program is made possible by the very generous donation of Julie DiLorenzo.

Native Plant vs. Cultivar

Canopy Collingwood Native perrenials_ (dragged).png

Click on the image above to open this 2 page document explaining a native plant versus a cultivar plant. Cultivars are commonly found in larger greenhouse nurseries and are inferior when it comes to ecological health and wildlife habitat. We encourage the purchase of native plants for your Canopy Pollinator Garden to best support our native bees, butterflies and other insects. 

Local Native Plant Nurseries 

Canopy Collingwood nursery list .png

This one page document explains the details of our local native plant nurseries in South Georgian Bay! Click on the image to open the document. 

Common Native Plants sold in nurseries

Canopy Collingwood plant list PDF (dragged).jpg

This list covers herbaceous native plant species, such as wildflowers and grasses that are commonly sold at nurseries. Click on the image to open this five page document detailing the plant species name, common name, some details of the plant species as well as host plant and pollen specialist insects. 

Check out the Town of Collingwood's webpage for details: 

About Bees & Trees


The Town of Collingwood is pleased to offer Canopy Collingwood again for a second year in a row and the program has expanded from trees to bees. New this year, the program has grown to include residential pollinator gardens that increase pollinator habitats and access to food. Collingwood residents will be provided a financial incentive in the form of a rebate on the purchase of up to two trees from a recognized nursery or garden centre operation, or the materials required to establish a pollinator garden on private property. Trees and pollinator plants native to the Collingwood area are preferred for this program, however not mandatory for the rebate. Collingwood residents who purchased a tree(s) or plant materials will be eligible to receive 50% of the cost (before delivery charges and taxes) in the form of a rebate from the Town. The maximum rebate per tree amount is $150 each tree (maximum 2). The rebate for a pollinator garden is also 50% of the cost to a maximum of $150 with one rebate per property. Thank you to everyone who participated in Canopy Collingwood Residential Backyard tree program 2021 Phase 1 & Phase 2. Together we planted over 250 trees in our community! (Please note that condominium corporations are able to acquire subsidy for up to six trees or one pollinator garden per corporation) Applications for Spring planting will be accepted until Monday July  4th. All rebate cheques will be mailed out after the program closes. 

Please click on the documents below to learn about native plants, local native plant species, and why you should choose native plants for your Canopy Pollinator Garden over other plant species commonly sold at nurseries. 

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