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Pollinate Collingwood was started in 2020 as a grassroots initiative to plant pollinator gardens around town and provide education about native plants and pollinators such as bees, butterflies and wasps. 

We got accepted into the David Suzuki Butterflyway Program, and planted 15 gardens around Collingwood, and helped 9 schools access plants to build pollinator gardens for education and restoration.

In 2021, we worked with the Town of Collingwood to apply as 
Bee City and we were accepted! Becoming a Bee City brings a
commitment to the Town and the residents to be ecological stewards
of our local spaces. Bringing more native plants to our landscapes,
less pesticides and education to our youth, residents, businesses and
organizations helps bees and other native pollinators source their
nutrition and provide their habitat. In turn this helps sustainable food
systems for our community, limits impacts from climate change and
creates a community that works together to support the Town of
Collingwood’s movement to create an ecologically and socially
sustainable community.

Check out our application here 

We continued to plant pollinator gardens around town in 2021, with some funded by Pollinate Collingwood and some funded by The Town of Collingwood. We are also working on getting pollinator and native plant educational material in schools to help foster youth stewardship!

Please follow along on the Facebook group to stay connected and learn a thing or two about pollinators, ecological gardening, and local stewardship initiatives!

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