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Conservation Art Series

Dignifying grace.jpg

This pen and watercolour art piece is the first in a series of endangered or threatened species in Canada. 

This piece combines several animal and nature spirits to evoke a visual meditation on our interconnected lives, also called ecosystems.

In the foreground- the North Atlantic Right Whale one of the most endangered whales in the world, is being carried by two other endangered species, the bumblebee and monarch butterfly. They carry her in a net made of seaweed. Some of the threats to North Atlantic Right Whales are entanglement in fishing gear, vessel strikes, climate and ecosystems change.


Underneath her, supporting her, are two gray wolf pups. They were nearly hunted to extinction in North America before conservation efforts helped a rebound. They share a common history of being hunted to near extinction, and a common hope for a future.


The snapping turtle uses her skill to free the whale of the net, as she too understands her situation and feels her pain. The turtle and whale are similar in that they take longer to sexually mature therefore any impact on the species greatly affects future generations.


Beneath everyone, Mother Ocean continues her unwavering support.


The whale ear bone off to the side of this piece symbolizes listening. It's really hearing something that brings the consequences with it - I hear you. We know that sensation, when it happens the whole world deepens. If we really heard what is happening around us it's possible some of it may stop. Seeing is often a form of identifying, but hearing is the location of a much more personal message. Hearing creates growing and widens perception. Things get accountable.


The earth's oldest child, the moon, sits in the centre of this piece to represent bringing together archaic knowledge. Everything is magnified as the full moon shines, good and bad, therefore the full moon may also be viewed as a time of crisis as well as a time of opportunity. Interestingly the word "crisis" comes from the Greek word krinos. It means "to decide".

As I work to create more pieces in the Conservation Art Series, I will update them here. 

Flower art 3.jpg
Flower art 2.jpg
Flower art 1.jpg

Pressed Flower Art

These art pieces are lovingly made from pressed flowers from my garden. The geometric lines connection insect and plants represents the connection that these two being have to each other 

Flower art 5.jpg
Flower art 4.jpg
Flower art.jpg
Flower art 6.jpg
Lrg Bee Bath.jpg

Bee and Butterfly Baths

During the hot days of pollinating, bees need water to rehydrate! These bee baths made from rocks and coloured glass give them an easy access source of water and help our pollinators thrive!

Large- 12"  Med- 10" and Sm - 7" available

Med Bee Bath.jpg
Sm Bee bath.jpg

Insect Photography

I have a big passion for insects, bees, butterflies and the like. Here are some of my photos of native bees on native plants. 

Driftwood Art.jpg
Driftwood Art 1.jpg

Driftwood Art

These signs are an expression of my love for native plants and bees.

Available for purchase

Drfitwood art 2.jpg

The stained glass and agate pieces are great for a window, bathroom or nature inspired home. ​

Agate/Stained Glass Turtles

turtles 6.jpg
turtles 5.jpg
Turtles 4.jpg
Turtles 1.jpg
Turtles 3.jpg
Turtles 2.jpg
Earth Blessing 3.jpg
Earth Blessing 2.jpg

eARTh Blessings

These mobiles were created with driftwood, beads and wood burning art. They represent our gratitude to the earth, with elements of earth, water, air, fire They can be hung near the front or back door to symbolize the doorway into another world as you head outside, or somewhere in your house where you frequently spend time and can be reminded to acknowledge our more than human kin every time you pass this art piece.

Earth Blessing 1.jpg
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