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Zizia aurea - Golden Alexander

Sun Exposure: Sun, Part Sun, Shade

Soil Moisture: Medium-Wet, Medium, Medium-Dry

Soil Type: Sand, Loam, Clay

Height: 2 - 3 feet

Spread: 1 - 2 feet

Blooms: May, June

Root: Fibrous

Habitat: Prairies,  Savannas, Woodland borders and paths, Limesteon glades

Landscape uses: Pollinator gardens, Meadow Planting, Garden Border

Complimentary Plants: Wild Columbine, Ohio Spiderwort, Blue Wild Indigo, Virginia Bluebells, Wild Geranium

Wildlife Value: The flowers are attractive to many kinds of insects seeking pollen or nectar, especially short-tongued bees, wasps, flies, and beetles. Host Plant:  Black Swallowtail

Seed Source: Coldwater, ON (Wildlflower Farm seed supplier)

Germination Code:  C(60), F


Photo credits: #1/2 by Sundaura Alford-Purvis

Zizia aurea - Golden Alexander

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  • Golden Alexander is a lovely plant for a pollinator garden - it is the host plant for the Black Swallowtail Butterfly! It also provides accessible nectar to many beneficial insects with short mouthparts during the spring and early summer when such flowers are relatively uncommon. A member of the carrot family, Zizia aurea has blooms that last a long time and give the garden some early colour. This plant will tolerate shade, but thrives in sun. 

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