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Viola sororia - Common Blue Violet

Sun Exposure: Sun, Part Sun, Shade

Soil Moisture: Medium-Wet, Medium, Medium-Dry

Soil Type: Sandy-Loam, Loam, Clay-Loam, Gravely

Height: 4 inches

Spread: 6-8 inches

Blooms: April, May, June

Root: Rhizomes

Habitat: Moist to mesic black soil prairies, Open woodlands, Woodland edges, Savannas, Wooded slopes along rivers or lakes. In developed areas, it can be found in lawns, city parks, and along hedges or buildings.

Landscape uses: Pollinator gardens, Rock Gardens, Groundcover, No-mow lawn

Complimentary Plants: As a groundcover - Wild Strawberry, Silverweed Cinquefoil. In the garden - Prairie Smoke, Golden Ragwort, Pasque Flower

Wildlife Value: The flowers are visited by Mason and Halictid bees, skippers, Syrphid flies, and other insects. Host plant: Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly, Variegated Fritillary butterfly.

Seed Origin: Winona, MN (Prairie Moon seed supplier)

Germination Code: C(60), D


Photo credits: #1 by Cbaile19, #2 by Cbaile19, #3 by Cbaile19

Viola sororia - Common Blue Violet

Comming Soon
  • This violet is a great ground cover and will spread readily through the garden. It is sometimes considerd a lawn weed because of its ability to proliferate, but who needs a flower free lawn? It is a great early nectar source for bees and other pollinators and it provides a great pop of colour in the spring.

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