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Solidago  rigida - Stiff Goldenrod

Sun Exposure: Sun, Part Sun

Soil Moisture: Medium-Wet, Medium, Medium-Dry, Dry

Soil Type: Sand, Loam, Loam-Clay, Gravely

Height: 4  feet

Spread: 2 feet

Blooms: August, September, October

Root: Fibrous, Deep

Habitat: Prairies, Savannas, Open areas, Thickets

Landscape uses: Pollinator gardens, Meadow plantings, Naturalization, Drought resistant

Complimentary Plants: Little Bluestem, Big Bluestem, New England Aster, White Aster

Wildlife Value: The flowers attract many kinds of insects, including long-tongued bees, short-tongued bees, wasps, flies, butterflies, and beetles. Monarch butterflies are especially attracted to the flowers. Host Plant: Supports over 100 species of caterpillars 

Seed Origin: Coldwater, ON (Wildflower Farm seed supplier)

Germination Code: C60

Solidago rigida - Stiff Goldenrod