Lobelia siphilitica - Great Blue Lobelia

Sun Exposure: Sun, Part Sun

Soil Moisture: Wet, Medium-Wet, Medium

Soil Type: Loam, Sand-Loam, Organic matter helps retain moisture

Height: 2 -4 feet

Spread: 1 foot

Blooms: July, August, September, October

Root: Taproot

Habitat: Wet Prairies, Soggy Meadows, Floodplains, Edges of ponds and creeks, Marshland borders, Other moist areas

Landscape uses: Pollinator gardens, Low area gardens, Wet Meadow plantings, Pond and creek edges

Wildlife Value: The nectar and pollen of the flowers attract primarily bumblebees and other long-tongued bees

Seed Origin: Ontario

Germination Code: C(60), D

Lobelia siphilitica - Great Blue Lobelia

  • Great Blue Lobelia is a moisture loving plant that grows best with a little shade to ensure the soil stays wet. It will do well in full sun if soils remain moist. The deep-blue flowers provide diversity to the yellows of late summer and fall. Great Blue Lobelia is in the same family as Cardinal Flower. Although it does best in moist soils, it will tolerate dryer conditions more than Cardinal Flower.