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Koeleria macrantha - Junegrass

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Soil Moisture: Medium-Dry, Dry

Soil Type: Sand, Sand-Loam, Loam 

Height: 2 feet

Spread: 2 feet

Blooms: June, July

Root: Fibrous, Short Rhizomatous

Habitat: Dry Sand Prairies, Upland sunny Savannas, Stabalized Foredunes, Limestone glades

Landscape uses: Pollinator garden, Meadow planting, Naturalization, Drought Tolerant

Complimentary Plants: Hairy Beardtongue, Wild Lupine, Prairie Smoke, Lanceleaf Coreopsis

Wildlife Value: Several insects feed on this prairie grass. Host Plant: Leafhoppers: Auridius helvus and Rosenus cruciatus

Seed Origin: Winona, MN (Prairie Moon seed supplier)

Germination Code: A, D


#1 by Matt Lavin,  #2 by Stefan.lefnaer, #3 by Stefan.lefnaer, #4 by Stefan.lefnaer, #5 by Matt Lavin

Koeleria macrantha - Junegrass

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  • Junegrass is a cool season native grass species that has an intersting green-gray color. Because of the C3 metabolism of this cool-season grass, most vegetative growth and development occurs during the spring and early summer. It flowers earlier than many other upland prairie grasses, and plumes of silvery-green seed heads turn tan by mid-summer.  This native plant likes full sun and dry, often sandy soil.  Its preference for dry, sunny conditions makes it a popular candidate for green roofs.

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