Eutrochium maculatum - Spotted Joe Pye Weed

 Sun Exposure: Sun, Part Sun

Soil Moisture: Wet, Medium-Wet

Soil Type: Sandy-Loam, Silt

Height: 3 - 5 feet

Spread: 3 feet

Blooms: July, August, September

Root: Fibrous, Rhizomatous

Habitat: Wet Prairies, Marshes, Swampy Thickets, Ponds. It is usually found in high quality natural areas, rather than degraded habitats with a history of disturbance.

Landscape uses: Pollinator gardens, Naturalized areas, Pond edges

Wildlife Value: The nectar of the flowers attracts honey bees, bumblebees, long-horned bees, leaf-cutting bees, bee flies, butterflies, skippers, and moths. Host Plant: The caterpillars of some moth species feed on various parts

Seed Origin: Ontario

Germination Code: C(30), D

Eutrochium maculatum - Spotted Joe Pye Weed

  • Joe Pye Weed is a tall plant with strong stems that support its height.  These attractive stems are almost the same color as the dusty rose-colored flowers, which will bloom for many weeks in the summer. Flowers have a nice fragrance.