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Anemone canadensis - Canada Anemone

Sun Exposure: Sun, Part Sun

Soil Moisture: Medium-Wet, Medium

Soil Type: Sand-Loam, Loam, Clay, Gravelly

Height: 1 foot

Spread: 2 - 3 feet

Blooms: May, June

Root: Rhizomatous

Habitat: Moist prairies, Sedge meadows, Openings in floodplain woodlands, Woodland borders, Banks of streams, and Swampy areas

Landscape uses: 

Complimentary Plants

Wildlife Value: Small bees (Andrenid, Halictid) that collect pollen and Syrphid flies that feed on pollen. The larvae of a fly, Dasineura anemone, form bud galls on Meadow Anemone.

Seed Origin: Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Germination Code: Double dormancy

Anemone canadensis - Canada Anemone

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  • Canada Anemone is a great plant for the right place - as this plant will spread out if given room, it should only be planted with robust perrenials or among taller plants. Its rhizomatous nature will out compete small less aggressive plent species. This Anemone species prefers moist soils but will do well in dryer sites as well and won't spread out as much with less moisture. It can be used as a groundcover in a mow zone and is great for areas that you want to naturalize. 

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