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eARTh Revival

Reviving our connection with the land 

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Some details about our nursery:

- We do not ship our plants at this time.

- Our plants are available throughout out the growing season, with purchases online available for pick up at our location at 15 George Ave, Wasaga Beach. Once you place an order online, you will be notified of pick up instructions, and a "Pick up ready" email sent out when your plants are ready. 

Browse our 2023 plant selection here :                 


Our plant store is closed for the season to focus on a new addition to our family. We welcomed our son on the second day of Autumn - just in time to smell the Asters and Goldenrods! Thank you for a great spring and summer season and we are excited for what next spring brings!

New plant species for 2023!


Blue violet


Wood Poppy


Tall Sunflower

yellow giant hyssop.webp

Yellow Giant Hyssop

Based on germination rates, we hope to have available this year or next:
- Prairie Smoke
- Pasque Flower
- Bottle Gentian
- Fringed Gentian
- Jewelweed
- Yellow Pimpernell
- Compass Plant
- Tall Ironweed
- Golden Ragwort
- Balsam Ragwort
- Blue eyed grass
- Calico Aster
- Arrowleaf Aster
- Grey Goldenrod
- Cutleaf Anemone
- Showy Sunflower
- Canada Anemone
- Indian Paintbrush
- White Wild Indigo
- Leadplant 
- Silverweed Cinquefoil
- Prickly Sedge
- Wood Sedge
- Long-beaked Sedge
- Kalms st. Johns Wort
- New Jersey Tea
- Pokeberry
- Wild Ginger


Virginia Bluebells




Rattlesnake Master


Tall Coreopsis

eARTh Revival is a native plant nursery that grows a variety of plants appropriate for all types of sun and soil conditions. Lets make our home gardens a part of the local ecosystems! We are working towards supplying South Georgian Bay with native plants and seed from our ecoregion, with sustainable practices.                          

We are enthusiastic about education on native plants, pollinators and local ecosystems. Check out the "Education" section for info on native plants, pollinators and ecological gardening practices! We have attached many PDF's for printing and have a few colouring pages for artistic inspiration. 

Please follow our Facebook page for updates on our plants and art!

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eARTh Revival

15 George Ave, Wasaga Beach. 

In person plant sale dates posted via website and social media. All other sales are online order and pick up.



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